Our coordinated approach delivers results, but the truly special part of Renaissance Physicians is our providers. Their dedication to delivering the most effective and caring medicine through team communication, preventive care, reporting and patient education and involvement, doesn’t just change healthcare, it changes lives.

Extraordinary Standards

Renaissance Physicians providers are known for delivering the best care. To be an Renaissance Physicians Provider means a commitment to excellence that exceeds expectations. Our elite group of Primary Care Physicians and Specialists are held to a higher standard.

A strict set of measurement criteria guarantees that every physician is engaged and performing at their highest level. Providers are monitored and those who perform below the benchmark are counseled through routine peer-to-peer interactions to attain improvement.
Among the quality standards reviewed are routine access and availability of appointments for patients, customer experience and complaints, network referral compliance, various quality standards, admissions, and member visits per year.

Working Together

Renaissance Physicians providers believe in the power of coordinated care because they have seen what it can do for their patients. Being part of Renaissance Physicians means committing to frequent communication with all members of your patients’ healthcare team to ensure that they experience the best care and ultimately the best outcomes. 

"I believe Renaissance Physicians is the best option for providers who are willing to be team players. In my opinion, an engaged and efficient Renaissance Physicians provider is well positioned to thrive in an uncertain and turbulent health care environment."
Judson S. Henderson, M.D., Renaissance Physicians Provider